Galaxie Signs Opened its doors in 1963.Since then we’ve grown our business to service a nationwide roster of clients.

With 60 years of experience in the sign industry, not many signage challenges can surprise us. And when we do have to deal with the unexpected, our experienced staff will find the right solution in a fast, cost-effective manner. Galaxie is the easy choice if you want peace-of-mind, quality, and competitive prices when you’re looking for a signage solution.

The History Of Our Brand- Ford Galaxie Starliner

Galaxie Signs was established in 1963 by the LeComte brothers when they first made a sign for their body shop. Galaxie was named after Albert Lecomte’s favourite car (1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner) since then it’s grown to be one of the largest sign manufacturers in Western Canada.

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  • Work in an industry and environment that is flexible, fun, and friendly.
  • Managing -Overseen the project from concept to completion
  • To continuously improve all areas of the company.
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  • We value our customer satisfaction
  • We provide the highest quality products
  • We believe our best work is produced by enjoying collaboration as a team
  • We are dedicated to do the best possible job for our clients
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To operate on the principles of courtesy, Honesty, and consistency, with the customer always the top priority. We are committed to provide our clients with more economical and sustainable solutions for their sign programs. We remain our industry’s most reliable resource to market our client’s image through interior and Exterior Signage.

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Galaxie Signs’ mission is to deliver a quality product when promised and provide open and effective communications to our clients. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovations to serve our customers best and to be a model in our industry