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Our approach is simple. We keep you informed at every step of the process.

Many elements of the sign industry are the same no matter which supplier you choose. Your logo isn’t going to change because of the sign company you choose. Neither will local sign by-laws or the location of your business. It’s service that makes the difference. And when it comes to offering five-star service to our clients, nobody beats Galaxie Signs.

We make it easy for you, with dedicated  permit officers to help you navigate the wide variety of by-laws and signage rules across our region. Our project managers,  design, manufacturing, and administration departments are all under one roof, streamlining our production flow and helping keep your project on time and on budget. Our in-house leasing and large service fleet mean you get the benefits of our high standards for customer satisfaction even after your sign has been installed.

Joey Local restaurant sign

Planning & Design

From concept to completion, our creative staff can develop and design unique sign packages for individual, corporate, and theme displays.

We can take your ideas and turn them into impressive sign displays. Or, we can do the idea development for you, providing you with outstanding retail or commercial presentations to attract customers, and help your company succeed.

Challenge us and let us help in developing your corporate image program!

We have an exceptional in-house staff of design and planning professionals. We can assist you in the difficult task of developing strong, effective signage to communicate your corporate image. With a thorough understanding of visual communications, our team will assist you in creating the most effective way to display your client’s identity through a highly visible day and night presentation.

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Project Management

Every project at Galaxie will be managed by one of our experienced Account Managers, they are the main point of contact and coordinate and manage the project from start to finish. In order to finish a project within the time given and highest quality and customer satisfaction we will follow the key project management processes, which run through all of these phases:

  •  Initiation
  •  Planning
  •  Execution
  •  Monitor and Control

Above won’t be feasible without proper communication between departments at Galaxie and with our client, we have weekly meetings with all parties involved and we will provide reports and summaries to our customers to make sure we Keep track of delays or blocks that impact the timeline of the project and adjust to stay on track.



Galaxie Signs has been turning ideas into illuminated identities since 1963 and remains a privately owned company. We manufacture both standard and custom signs for indoor and outdoor use.

We manufacture and install signs for retail, hospitality, commercial & industrial signage, food, and chain stores right across Canada. We design, manufacture and install different types  of signage including but not limited to wayfinding, illuminated, non illuminated , channel letter, pylon and monument, neons and message centre signs.


Galaxie Signs maintain a large fleet of service and installation vehicles and an established network of agents to ensure prompt and efficient service and installation. From single sign installations to multi-site corporate changeovers, Galaxie Signs can quickly, efficiently, and professionally service your needs. We make your project as smooth and trouble free as possible. Permits, design review committees, conditional use permits, variances, and any other technical issues will be handled quickly and professionally by our administrative professionals. On your next installation project, see what a difference Galaxie Signs can do for you!


We Bring your business signage back to its best, with expert sign maintenance and repair support from Galaxie Signs.

Despite of using only quality materials that in our experience have shown to be as maintenance free as possible, Service and maintenance of the sign is our responsibility. We offer a full replacement and upgrade service for existing signage

All sign maintenance & repair is completed to the highest standards by our qualified, experienced in house team. We’ll look after your signs and your business, completing work quickly around your operations and schedule to minimize costly downtime.


Why Leasing? Want the benefits of better signage? Don’t have a capital budget? Consider our leasing options!

Leasing on premise signage from Galaxie is a great way to get the right signage solution for your business. You avoid the outlay of a major purchase, freeing up your capital and giving you the flexibility to direct those funds where you choose. Because it’s a monthly advertising cost, it’s also tax deductible. Maintenance is included in the lease, so you don’t end up with unexpected expenses. And when the lease expires, you have the option of renewing your existing agreement or choosing to update your image with a new sign. Galaxie handles all leasing arrangements in-house, making the whole process easier and simpler for you. When the right signage seems out of reach because of budget limitations, leasing is a great way to maximize affordability, cost certainty, and visibility at the same time.


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