Leasing Signage

Want the benefits of better signage? Don’t have the capital budget? Consider our leasing options!

Leasing on premise signage from Galaxie is a great way to get the right signage solution for your business. You avoid the outlay of a major purchase, freeing up your capital and giving you the flexibility to direct those funds where you choose. Because it’s a monthly advertising cost, it’s also tax deductible. Maintenance is included in the lease, so you don’t end up with unexpected expenses. And when the lease expires, you have the option of renewing your existing agreement or choosing to update your image with a new sign.

Best of all, unlike many other sign companies, Galaxie handles all leasing arrangements in-house, making the whole process easier and simpler for you. When the right signage seems out of reach because of budget limitations, leasing is a great way to maximize affordability, cost certainty, and visibility at the same time.

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